Scheduling & Planning

Workloud helps you schedule your workforce according to your labor demand no matter how complex or simple your rules are. Learn More

Time Collection

You can collect punch data with our web time clock. It’s cloud based, always on, and simplifies the way you gather employees time. Learn More

Mobile Manager Access

Empower supervisors to actively manage call offs, reconcile punches, and more, to keep your data fresh and accurate in real time. Learn More

Time & Attendance

Workloud lets you manage your employee’s timesheets and attendance records in comparison to your perfect schedule with the guidance of your time and attendance rules. Learn More

Mobile Employee Access

Keep your employees connected through our mobile app. View schedules, request leave, volunteer for overtime,  and receive notifications. Learn More

Payroll Integration

You can export your data to your payroll system once your timesheets are ready and the time is coded properly. Learn More